The simple and slow moving village life of Sundar Gram would surely make you envious, so the best thing to do in Sundar Gram is to become a part of the village life. You can take long village walks, do some fishing, try out khejur rash (date palm juice) early mornings and bring out eggs from the duck house and simply de-stress during your weekend.

Here are few things, you can enjoy at Sundargram:


Cultural programs

At Sundar Gram, we can arrange cultural programs too. If you are fond of Baul, Bhatiali and other folk programs, please do inform us in advance, so that we can arrange for the programs. Some of the best Bauls and folk singers like Shyam Khyapa have also performed here. With prior intimation from guests, we can also arrange Tribal dance from Sundarban, Chhow dance from Purulia.



Our pond is teeming with fish like Mrigel, Rohu, Katla, Mourala and few others. You can enjoy “catch and release” angling with local fishing rods made of cane. The local village boy can also give you some lessons on how to cast a fishing net. If you have your own angling equipment, then you can bring them too.


Reading vacation

Pick the latest novel, shut down your mobile and drive down on a Friday evening to Sundar Gram. Don’t worry about the steady supply of tea and coffee arriving to your room, while you are busy reading. Enjoy your novel and fall back on some useful thoughts. Sundar Gram’s serene surroundings make it the best reading vacation spot from Kolkata.


Village Walks

Sundargram is marked by endless stretches of paddy fields and fishing ponds dotted with thatched mud houses and mango groves. We can arrange a bicycle for you to take a ride along the bumpy muddy village roads. You can also take our local guide to accompany you to the village walks.


Play Centre

Just for a day, tell your children to forget about the Angry Birds, PS2s and play centres of glitzy malls. At Sundar Gram, your children can still play Keeth Keeth, Kumir Danga, Chor Police and Baghbandi. Don’t worry, if you have forgotten the rules – our children at Sundar Gram would show them.



In the evenings, we can arrange for a Barbeque where you can discuss all the ‘necessary nothings’ of human life with your friends and family and treat yourself to some roasted country chicken under the cover of starry nights.



Sundar Gram and its surrounding villages of Rajendrapur have a very good population of local and migratory birds. Wagtails, Parakits, Barn Owls and a whole lot of bee catchers and local species are found in abundance here due to the lush greenery all around. Due to an abundance of ponds and water bodies in the vicinity, Sundar Gram is particularly home to different species of kingfishers and storks.