Our Sundar Gram

icon1aSo, when was the last time, you woke up to the call of a rooster?

Paddy fields swaying in the wind, farmers tilling their lands, village elders gossiping under the Banyan tree, fishermen pulling up their nets and you are sitting in the verandah of your mud house witnessing the village life unfolding before you. But this is no “artificial village resort” with manicured lawns – it is Sundar Gram in Rajendrapur – a small village just 35 kilometers from Kolkata, where its residents still live a life “lost in time.”

At Sundar Gram, we have 5 rooms, few gazebos, one pond, an open-air dining hall, durga mandap (kheyal), lots of greenery and untouched village life. However, we did not forget to provide our guests with the much-needed facilities that make our lives little comfortable like electricity, attached western bathrooms with hot water arrangements, 24 hours water supply, night watchman (chowkidar) and comfy and cushy extra – large beds.

At Sundar Gram, we do not have a swimming pool – but a pond where you can catch some good Mrigel, Rui and Katla fish with a country made fishing rod – the “Cheep,” there are no paddle boats but a country fishing boat. We do not have televisions here but story tellers and folk singers, no chic continental menus but the age-old Benaglee favourites like Kasha Mansho (mutton curry) and Maacher Jhol (fish curry).

Sundar Gram completely blends with the life of the villagers. Here, the villagers and guests come together to celebrate Durga Puja, children come to take tuition classes from their teacher “Didimoni” in the evenings and the local village boy  proudly demonstrates to the guests the subtle techniques of catching “Mourala” fish with a “Gamcha“.

If you are longing to take a break from your hectic city life and spend a day connecting to the simpler things in life then come to Sundar Gram in Rajendrapur. Here life is still not a rat race!



Sundar Gram at Rajendrapur


Facilities at Sundargram

  • Cultural programs (prior intimation required)
  • Village Tour with local guide
  • Boat ride on Bidhyadhari River
  • Fishing
  • Bonfire arrangements
  • Barbecue arrangements
  • Doctor on call
  • 24 hrs ambulance